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Podium chicks


Jan Bakelants, a male Belgian racing cyclist, has today had to apologise publicly for a comment about having to carry a ‘pack of condoms, because you never know where those podium chicks have been hanging out’. But who are these ‘podium chicks’?

Why should winners in male-only sports such as cycling and motor racing be expected to be surrounded by half-naked young women who have the effrontery to kiss them – even if they’re married, or in a steady relationship with a woman or a man, or anyway?

Because they’re presumed to be heterosexual, and are assumed by definition to be pleased to be seen in public with half-naked women groping their bodies. No-one asks them if that’s what they want – it’s probably just written into their employment contracts.

And why do these women lend themselves to such degrading performances? I could use various equally degrading terms to explain why, but I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

I’m just embarrassed that Jan Bakelants has been forced by the social media to tweet ‘My sincerest apologies to all those offended by my words in a so-called humoristic itw (sic). My words have been inappropriate.’

Quite the contrary – his words were entirely appropriate. He’s married, with a child; and even if he weren’t, he has no reason whatever to be embarrassed by his statement, which is very much to the point. The ‘podium chicks’ should simply keep their grubby hands off him.

Still waiting for the first openly gay Formula 1 racer (all of them so far men) to slap the grubby hands away – but I fear it won’t be happening any time soon, since he’d instantly lose his job.


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