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True colours (2)


Pope Francis has celebrated a final mass in Paraguay, and said some sugary soothing stuff about how awful it is to oppress the poor.

Not a bloody word about the 10-year-old Paraguayan rape victim being forced to give birth some time in the next couple of months because of her country’s Catholic-inspired anti-abortion legislation, which both judges and politicians – most of them male, but not even all – have chosen to interpret in the strictest possible way.

Let’s be honest – that church is never going to change in any essential way. It systematically denies children’s, women’s and human rights, has never done otherwise, and never will. Putting a smiling Franciscan face on it makes no difference. However many masses of masses you celebrate, it won’t help.



  1. Bad Wolf permalink

    I feel your pain.

  2. Monika Sears permalink

    ..and those who continue to subscribe do not want it to change. Cruelty and keys to heaven seem to be closely linked. (cf.ISIS)
    Those who do not want to subscribe throw out the whole corrupt package and breathe a sigh of humane relief.

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